Announcing Xeotek Enterprise Data Platform

Our lean solution for enterprises to enter the data-driven world.

To remain successful in the market, companies must continuously adapt to customer needs and make informed decisions. The extensive interconnectivity of all software systems enables more efficient business processes and the establishment of new business fields.

To enter the data-driven world of real-time analytics, machine learning, and end-to-end traceability, a digital-first strategy, and an adaptable and scalable architecture are needed.

We learned that our customers face different challenges depending on their technological stage in the Big Data market.

Especially companies that are in an early stage face the difficulty of choosing a suitable technology stack and designing an architecture that fulfills requirements such as:

  • It must be easy to integrate into the existing system landscape.
  • All necessary tools must be available to provide immediate added value.
  • Compatibility problems should be avoided.
  • Nevertheless, the platform must be flexible enough to change or add individual components later on.
  • An upgrade to a larger platform should always be possible.
  • The platform should be able to handle large amounts of data and guarantee a high level of reliability.
  • The development should benefit from existing solutions and not reinvent the wheel.

For these enterprises, we have created the Xeotek Enterprise Data Platform (XEDP), which fully meets these requirements. Thanks to the consistent use of open source technologies and standards, XEDP can be easily extended and adapted.

Those at an advanced stage may benefit from KaDeck and SAAPIX as the perfect complements to their data-driven platform.

Learn more about XEDP and new business opportunities when entering the data-driven world.