Apache Kafka Monitoring & Management

The Apache Kafka UI for developers, data scientists, and operations.

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Kafka Monitoring & Data Exploration

Data crunching, testing purposes or monitoring of applications and data flow: You have direct insight into all data in Kafka.

Topic management, ACLs, schemas, and more

Create and configure topics, monitor and manage consumers, schemas, ACLs, and Kafka Connect- easier than ever!

Desktop or Web

As a single user on your computer or as a web service together with your colleagues: choose KaDeck Desktop or KaDeck Web.

Kafka Monitoring starts with data

Kafka Monitoring starts with the question of what data an application generates in the respective streams, through questions about data quality and the domain-specific correctness of the data, to analyses based on this, for example, reports on critical values or events.

  • Direct insight into all data in Kafka
  • Access to extensive filter and data transformations (up to JavaScript processors)
  • Create new data, e.g. for testing or correction purposes, with a few clicks

Detect consumer & producer errors

Detect failures of data deliveries or gaps in a data stream at a glance, or check consumer performance based on offsets lag, i.e., how many records a consumer has to read before it catches up to the current record.

Test your applications

Create records in a topic from scratch or based on existing records, control the position from which a consumer starts consuming records, and empty or delete the topic when testing is complete.

Control the whole Kafka ecosystem

Of course, a complete Apache Kafka UI also includes the management of topics as well as ACLs, Kafka Connect clusters, and schemas (e.g. in Avro, JSON, or Protobuf format) in the associated schema registry.

Rights management (Web UI only)

With KaDeck Web you get a central web service for managing and monitoring Apache Kafka and all related components. Define namespaces, roles and groups (RBAC), anonymize personal information (GDPR) and always be on the safe side with the built-in audit log.

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