Xeotek announces SAAPIX for data integration with Apache Kafka and SAP systems

We are proud to announce Xeotek SAAPIX, a solution for integrating data into SAP systems with Apache Kafka.

A common data integration scenario

One common scenario in many industries is integrating data into SAP systems by using Apache Kafka. There are many reasons why Apache Kafka is a good choice for all kinds of data integration scenarios as Apache Kafka easily decouples the systems. Source systems send data independently of related systems and consuming systems start to process data when it is available.

A problem arises when datasets from multiple source systems are correlating and referencing each other. This results in several constraints when consuming and processing data:

  1. Data from different sources must be processed in a certain order.
  2. If the referenced data is not present, the data record shall not be processed and forwarded to the target system
  3. Data must be validated by semantic means to avoid polluting the target system.

This is always the case when integrating datasets that are spread across multiple sources, e.g. different front-office or back-office systems into SAP systems. The SAP system needs to know every detail of the business object from the different sources to fully process the incoming data.

To help our customers focus on their core business aspects instead of solving technical problems we have developed Xeotek SAAPIX.

Xeotek SAAPIX – The bridge between Apache Kafka and SAP systems

Xeotek SAAPIX allows integrating data from multiple sources into SAP systems by guaranteeing temporal, referential and semantic integrity of the data sets. If a data set is corrupt it is forwarded to a dedicated error topic and can then be inspected, corrected and reprocessed.

Our monitoring solution KaDeck for Apache Kafka seamlessly integrates with SAAPIX and allows for unprecedented transparency and manageability of the data to be integrated.

Stay tuned for an article about using Xeotek SAAPIX to integrate data into the SAP financial products sub-ledger (FPSL) with Apache Kafka.

Feel free to contact us for more information.